Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are ideal for both indoor and outdoor producers because they are 99.9% certain to yield buds. All of our feminized seeds are photoperiod, therefore in order to get them to bloom, you must find the ideal ratio of light and darkness.

Check the datasheet on the appropriate product page to find out whether weed seeds have been feminized quickly and easily. You may choose the ideal cannabis seeds by using the datasheet, which provides important characteristics.

how to make feminized cannabis seeds

Although early male and female cannabis plants seem identical, only female cannabis plants produce buds. Instead, male cannabis plants produce inert pollen sacs. If male plants are left too long with your female plants, they will also reduce yields and result in seedy buds. Most gardeners discard male plants as soon as they notice pollen sacs growing since they don’t produce buds and their presence lowers the quality of buds. However, since approximately 50% of ordinary cannabis seeds grow up to be male, you must discard 50% of your plants as they begin to flower.



Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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