Brass Knuckles Oil Cartridges are easy to use, remove the wrapping and connect the Vape cartridge to your battery device. Then puff the smooth Vapor oil of the Brass Knuckles Cannabis Oil Cartridge

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Brass knuckles amazon, Seeking for Brass Knuckles? You have got the best choice and true destination where you can get full satisfaction. As it is the industry leader when it comes to the super premium CO2 extracted cannabis oil products and we sell the same directly to your door steps.

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Brass Knuckles Oil Cartridges are available at Home delivery Dispensary in California, these are made through a unique CO2 extraction process, where Cannabis Oil is distilled, creating a clear look, taste and feel.

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These cartridges containing 1 full gram of Marijuana Oil, testing at over 70% THC in each cartridge Indica affects provide the user with a sedative feeling and relieve bodily pain. Brass Knuckles indica cartridges are known for their smooth taste, purity, clarity and quality. You can respect a brand like Brass Knuckles because they have earned the name and recognition of thousand of dispensaries throughout California.

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