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White weed flowers in grass, We carry a wide-variety of many different strains of dry cannabis flower. Whether you’re looking for a hard-hitting AAAAA indica to help you relax at the end of the day or a great daytime sativa, we’ve got you covered. The diverse cannabis strains we carry have all been carefully selected to offer a variation in your smoking experience. We grade our different strains from AAAAA being the strongest and hardest hitting all the way down to AA to make it easy for you to pick which marijuana strain suits you best. Please find our latest cannabis strains available here. And below we have a brief history of everything cannabis. Enjoy…

Purple weed flowers

White weed flowers in grass, AAAA grade cannabis flower is that next-level BC weed you used to hear whispers about but never actually got to see outside of a High Times magazine. You can now buy quad weed online in HDD Those vibrantly colored, perfectly dense, buddy, out-of-this-world smelling nugs that are covered in an avalanche of trichomes and taste absolutely divine. These are the kind of buds that only Cheech and Chong or Snoop Dogg could ever get their hands on. Well, those buds are now available to you, and we’ve got a huge selection of them right here at West Coast Cannabis ready for you to buy your pot online.



99 Problems



Amnesia Haze



Banana kush



Black Gold



Blue Dream



Bruce Banner



Critical Kush


Never in your life try this again